Structure maintenance

Taking a clear line

We are right in our element when it comes to maintaining structures along the line. Even the longest line and extreme location conditions are no match for us. Our service covers the entire range: We replace the line ropes, arrange for non-destructive testing, and expertly maintain all parts along the route. Where necessary, components are removed to be carefully serviced in our own shop. Thanks to our CNC machines, we can quickly and reliably perform legally required modifications or changes to the rockers.

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If necessary, the large sheave assemblies, which can weigh up to 2,500 kg, take to the air: Our assemblers dismantle them into several parts directly on the tower. Then they can be easily transported away using a smaller helicopter – this way, the costs are reduced to a minimum. In turn, the assembly takes place in the air via helicopter.

Once the work is completed, everything runs again like new. All of the sheave assemblies are aligned and then finely tuned with the use of theodolites. You’ll notice the difference: A quietly operating ropeway and less wear and tear of the parts.

Maintaining a machine’s technology is often a grimy affair, but our experts like getting their hands dirty and putting lots of elbow grease into the process. They inspect and service parts until they literally turn black in the face. In the end, your ropeway runs like new.