GD8 Genting Skyway

For the After Sales department at Leitner AG, we exchanged the line rope along the GD8 Genting Skyway, a coupled gondola lift, in early summer 2012.

The equipment necessary for assembly was delivered via ship container. A hydraulic-powered rope pulley drum winds up the old rope – at the same time, the new line rope is stopped along the line and pulled round. Due to the length of the ropeway system and the logistical difficulties of delivering the new line rope, the decision was made to divide the rope and supply it on two drums. This meant a splice mid-way along the rope would be necessary – requiring highest precision, as upon completion of the splicing, the rope would continue and thus the spliced area would not immediately be placed under nominal tension.

The work turned out to be time and effort consuming in terms of its logistics and required a precise course of action, however the client and system operator were highly satisfied by the competence of our assemblers on site.

GD8 Genting Skyway (MY)
Execution: 07/2012
Manufacturer: Leitner AG
Length of the ropeway: 3.500 m
Rope specs:
Manufacturer: Fatzer AG
Diameter: 58 mm
Specific weigth: 5,9 kg per meter
Duration of work:
Planning & logistics: about 2 weeks
Execution: 2,5 weeks