GD10 Percha – Ried (IT)

Leitner AG has once again put its trust in our experience with ropeways. And the company needs it too. From the handling of the two supplied drums to the pulling of the feeding ropes and the arrangement of all the necessary machines at the mid-way station along the ropeway, our assemblers are constantly in action. At the same time, the ropeway provides the perfect stage for the premiere of a new type of winch. The surge sheave winch, the concept for which was launched last year and which was manufactured in-house, is being used for the first time. The winch, featuring two different pulley systems, can carry up to 420 kN of direct pull and has been specially engineered for the rough conditions of Alpine construction sites.

Due to the enormous length of the ropeway system and the thick rope diameter, the line rope had to be delivered on two drums. Thus, it was clear that the rope would have to be spliced mid-way, an area which would receive considerable attention upon completion. The subsequent rope on the second drum had to be tightened by all means, to be free of any twists and have ground clearance – this being a task which was able to be performed without any difficulties thanks to the use of the above-mentioned rope winch. By the way, the time needed for solely “tightening the rope” amounted to a record-breaking 1.5 days.

Below you will find the key facts:

GD10 Percha – Ried (IT)
Execution: 10/2011
Manufacturer: Leitner AG
Length of the ropway: 4.337 m
Rope specs:
Manufacturer: Redaelli
Diameter: 58 mm
Specific weigth: 13,4 kg per meter
Number of hoisting drums: 2
Weigth per drum: about 75 ton.
Duration of work: 2 weeks