Wired with reason

Alpintec’s success is based on many factors – but one, above all others, is our motivated and well-trained staff. With their dedication and iron will to continually excel, they are the reason why we have gained such high esteem in the ropeway sector.

Our employees have a lot in common: They are highly qualified and continually boost their knowledge with further training courses. This gives us the competitive edge when it comes to demanding jobs that require the highest level of technical know-how.
Our assemblers, machinists and draftsmen give it their all in each and every working procedure – whether indoors or outdoors, with SpaceMouse, a disc grinder or torque wrench.

When the going gets tough, our members of staff have nerves of steel – both when completing the draft as well as during delicate moments of assembly. To put it in a nutshell: Our guys are wired up with competence and ability.